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What Is A Male Chastity Device?

July 13, 2020 2 min read

What Is A Male Chastity Device?

For those who enjoy a little pain with their pleasure, male chastity devices might be the solution. These toys are often used by those who enjoy kink and BDSM, a well as those people with cuckold fantasies, and while the hardware might seem a little intimidating, you may find that you can enhance your sex life by trying one out.

A chastity device, also known as a penis or cock cage, fits over the penis to prevent the wearer from becoming erect. For many men, this means the orgasm is also impossible. However, some may still be able to orgasm without a full erection, especially with prostate stimulation.

A cock cage may used by a kinky couple that likes to incorporate orgasm control or tease-and-denial games into their sex lives. It can be an element of punishment or can be used to train the wearer. However, there are men who enjoy wearing them as part of solo play. The orgasm after you have been caged can be particularly intense!

Although the specific designs can vary, these cages typically consist of a ring that fits around the base of the penis and a cap that fits over the head. The cap is connected to the base in such a way that the penis cannot become fully erect when caged and will strain against the material if it tries. A penis cage can lock into place with a small padlock. Many designs allow you to urinate when wearing the device.

These devices can be made from a variety of materials. Clear and colored plastic is common, as are metal and rubber. Many people enjoy the visual appeal of chastity devices and choose a material that matches their aesthetic or even customize a lock to symbolize their relationship or submission.

Of course, you do not have to go the custom route. There are plenty of chastity devices you can buy right off the shelf. For example, the aptly named Lock A Willy is a device that comes with three different rings to ensure you get the best fit and includes its own lock. The black silicone is soft and may be more comfortable and inviting for those who are not accustomed to cock cages.

You also have your choice of cock cages from brand CBX, which makes devices in a variety of sizes and in clear, colored, and metallic finishes. The larger size cock cages are ideal for those who are well endowed. You can buy replacement parts from CBX, too. CBX even sells single-use locks made from plastic that can be worn through airport security and must be cut to be removed, which might be just the thing your role play needs to be fully immersive.

Those who loves to have a clear view of your manhood, Shots Man Cage offers a series of completely clear models that differs in different sizes for a comfortable fit. 

For those who are very much into chastity cages and have tried all the basic chastity cages that have to offer, you can now try the Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Electrosex Cock Cage available in both Black and Gold. With the additional electro component that can be added or removed from the chastity cage, it will definitely bring you that additional zing in your daily play. 

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